When the winter weather sets in, my wardrobe goes completely monochrome with a few burgundy and olive tones thrown in. I love the "Kelly Cutrone" look; don't get me wrong! But, to add some sparkle back in my life, I've been wearing these jewelry pieces almost every day lately.

I've also been experimenting a ton with combining silver and gold pieces. Not only does it allow you to pick out any piece you like from your jewelry box, but I feel like combining different metals adds a lot of depth to any outfit. 

Madewell "balldrop necklace"  - $35.00  (currently sold out 😕)

Madewell "balldrop necklace"  - $35.00 (currently sold out 😕)

For the longest time, I was looking for the perfect black, long-sleeved jersey dress. Easy to throw on and just go while still feeling like you made a little bit of effort. The lazy girl wardrobe! On a trip home to America, I struck gold at Old Navy and I can't stop combining this necklace from Madewell with it. The simple geometric shape isn't too blingy, but still adds something special to this, otherwise all black, look.

I picked up this pair of earrings in a pack of studs from H&M ages ago. It was full of different colored and sized roses: whites, pinks, reds, and greens. They don't sell this particular pack anymore, but H&M always has the best affordable earrings.

I wear all of them pretty often, but this set of burgundy, little roses has my heart for sure! They are just the right size to add a pop of color to your outfit and they look particularly nice with a darker, red lip. I found this really gorgeous set on Etsy, if you're looking for something similar. 


Nearly a year ago now, Thom and I got engaged! He blew me away with the most beautiful, white gold engagement ring and, of course, I've been wearing it every day since. Lately, I've been wanting to wear a lot of gold jewelry and there are two rings in particular which have sealed the deal for my love of combining gold and silver. 


This ring is also one I got from H&M ages ago, but just this winter started wearing. At first, I wasn't exactly sure how to wear a midi ring; it takes some getting used to. Once you've got the ring secured just right, you'll stop worrying that it will fall off your finger, though. 

This ring is the perfect piece to help you combine both gold and silver or white gold jewelry. The white stones mixed with gold metal pull the different colors together just right. Unfortunately, H&M doesn't sell this ring anymore either, but Kohl's has a similar, gorgeous one from the LC Lauren Conrad line in the same price range. 


My final favorite is also the newest addition to my collection. My dearest, best friend, Bailey, gave me this ring as a Christmas present this year. She also has a matching one and every time I look at it, it makes me so happy to think of her! Bailey lives in New York and picked this ring up at the Union Square Holiday Market from a designer called Wink and Flip

I couldn't find this exact ring on their website, but they have so many nice rings and other jewelry available on there! The ring came in a cute little bag and inside was a discount code for 20% off online purchases. Feel free to use it: enter code "BIZ16" on their site and pick something nice out to treat yo'self!

Have you been getting into the silver and gold trend? Tell me what pieces you've combining and share your tips in the comments below!