Over the Christmas break, I finished the first book in the Across The Universe series (check out my review in my January Favorites video). I  was looking for another world to dive into and started chatting with my aunt and uncle about Fantasy and Sci-Fi books.

They had tons of great recommendations, but one that really stuck out was the Kate Daniels series. I downloaded "Magic Bites", the first of eight in this Urban Fantasy series (the most recent was written just last year) and got totally sucked in. I'm already onto the second book!

Kate Daniels lives in the post-apocalyptic city of Atlanta; a world where magic and technology are battling it out for control. Magic power comes in waves, dominating and reducing technology to useless junk. And, along with the magic comes magic beasties and powers for the citizens of Atlanta.

And, then you've got Kate. She is the ultimate bad-ass chick, coming from a literally powerful bloodline (part of an unraveling mystery for the reader). She's never without her trusty Slayer, a sword which feeds on magic energy and pretty much just killing things.

Kate works as a special-ops/mercenary of sorts, taking on odd jobs for the city's Mercenary Guild and police force. Starting out in "Magic Bites", she's being sucked back into The Order of Merciful Aid,  an organization of elite warriors and scholars, brought on by the death of her childhood guardian, Greg. While trying to solve his murder, she finds herself caught between The Pack, a shapeshifter society, and The People, an undead cult/corporation who use necromancy to pilot vampires through the city.

What I love most about the books is the world building around the characters. There is so much depth to the descriptions of the city and the intricate balance between the different factions and power players. Kate is constantly trying her best to remain independent from any of them, a true lone hero. As much as she tries to resist and keep to herself, she knows she has to take part in it to make her livelihood and because deep to her core she is one of them.

I also love the character of Kate so much because, although she is a tough bad-ass, she's also a real woman. She struggles with balancing her calling as a mercenary with her own drives and desires. It's so refreshing to see such a strong woman who also gets a little weak in the knees and thinks about building a relationship.

If you're looking for a great fantasy world, I highly recommend giving the series a try. It won't disappoint! Find out more about the world on the author's website. Also, follow me on GoodReads to keep up with what I'm currently reading or see other books I've liked.