Looking for a quick and simple way to add warmth and sparkle to your house this winter? Just take a glass vase, candle, and any little decorative pieces you like to make a beautiful winter centerpiece.

For Christmas, my mother-in-law gave me an adorable string of copper, heart-shaped LED-lights that work on a battery pack. The string is pretty short (about 2 ft long); so, it's perfect to use on a table or in a centerpiece.


This weekend, we took a visit to our local garden center to jump on the 40% off after-Christmas deals on ornaments and decorations. I found these cute mini pine cones which are dusted in copper paint. I wasn't sure what I could use them for, but when I got home I connected the dots right away!

So, here's the DIY:


Take a glass vase you already own. I opted for this low, wide one we've had for ages, but I'm sure you could also go with a tall, skinny version. Then, pick out a candle you also already have. Mine is Midnight Spice from Victoria's Secret (I think this one isn't available anymore, unfortunately!). Any candle in a container will work; I wouldn't go for a pillar candle because you won't want it to melt down inside your vase or on your decorations.


You can add pretty much whatever you like to your vase! You could use potpourri, ornaments, branches, etc. Just work in layers and arrange the pieces as you go. I first added a layer of the tiny pinecones and then started dropping my lights down into the vase. Make sure you leave your plug or battery pack until the end or you'll have to dig down into your vase to switch your lights on and off. :P


Keep adding your layers and adjusting as you go. Since my lights are little hearts, I kept adjusting them as I went so you could see them through the outside and kept them in place with the mini pine cones. Once I was almost done, I picked which side would be the back and made a little spot for the battery pack. This way I can switch the lights on and off easily without messing up my design.


Et voilΓ ! You're done! Light the candle, switch on your string of lights and get comfy. You've got a simple and safe candle centerpiece for your space. I decided to put mine next to the bath for all those cozy and very necessary wintertime baths.


Let me know if you decide to try this out! I would love to see what you make. Got any more ideas for easy, winter DIY's? Let me know in the comments.